When your ears are ringing after a night out, it means the music you were exposed to was too loud. This is a symptom called tinnitus and is common among partygoers, however, 1 in 10 people suffer from permanent tinnitus.
We won't get into the details* but prolonged exposure to loud music can cause temporary or permanent tinnitus as well as hearing loss, which if you (like most of us) want to enjoy the sweet sound of music for the rest of your life, is not ideal.
Class is in session so get set for Hearing 101. Imagine two categories; safe range and risk range. The below chart lists common sounds and their decibel levels.
Safe Range
30db = Whisper
40db = Refrigerator
60db = Normal conversation
75db = Dishwasher
Risk Range
85db = Heavy city traffic
95db = Motorcycle
110db = Clubs and concerts
120db = Ambulance siren
The Environmental Protection Agency's (EPA) safe noise level is 70 decibels. Clubs and venues play music that reaches up to 115 decibels. The louder the noise, the less time it takes to cause permanent hearing damage. The below chart lists decibel levels and the maximum job-noise exposure allowed by law. If it's anything to do with the law, you know it's serious.
Max Time Exposure at Decibel Levels
95db = 4 hours
100db = 2 hours
105db = 1 hours 
110db = 30 minutes 
115db = 15 minutes
So remember before when we said clubs and venue music can reach up to 115 decibels? That means if clubbing was our job and duty, we would legally only be allowed to dance for 15 minutes, without hearing protection.
That's where Sets comes in - with 23 decibels of premium protection, you'll be able to protect your hearing without compromising sound quality.
30% of people globally suffer from some form of hearing loss - practice safe Sets™ and be in that 70%.
*Rumour has it, the inside of our ears are lined with hair cells. When we spend a night listening to music above what is safe for our ears for a long period of time, it causes some degree of hearing loss. As our body tries to heal and our brains rewire, our neurons end up in a self-sustaining loop, hence the ringing.

Product Care

Congrats, You’re In For The Perfect Frequency.
Sets™ provides 23dB of premium hearing protection without compromising on sound, quality or comfort.
Meeting Your Sets™
We hope you're as excited as we are to protect your hearing. You may find that your Sets stick to their case, making them a bit stubborn to tap out. To avoid this, remove your earplugs from the small pouch and rub them in between your hands for a few seconds. This warms them up so they easily slip into your ears and the aluminium case. 
Wearing Your Sets™
Push the ear plug into your ear canal until it forms a comfortable seal. It may help to twist them in so they are sitting right. You will know they are in properly if they feel snug. Do not insert your Sets™ past your outer ear canal and always make sure the tag at the base of the earplugs are accessible.
To remove your Sets™ gently pull them out of your ear canal using the small tags at the base of the earplug.
Caring For Your Sets™
Sets™ brings you sustainable club solutions. They’re designed to be used again and again. To clean, simply wipe your Sets™ with a damp cloth after each use and store them in their case. For a deeper clean, remove the plastic attenuation filter at the base and submerge the soft outer into warm, soapy water. Leave to air dry, then re-insert the filter.
Sets™ should be replaced every 3 years for optimal results or if there is any sign of wear and tear.


Warning: Choking hazard, keep out of reach of children under 3 years.

Reusable earplugs - size medium (standard)

Nominal Diameter: 7.5mm to 12.1mm Standards adhering to EN 352-2:2020


The effectiveness of Sets™ replies on the above instructions and is dependant on factors such as the user's ear canals and the exposed volume. Please do not use Sets™ if the earplugs do not fit your ears and in situations where more protective hearing equipment is required. Hearing damage due to high volumes correlates with exposure time and decibel level.


Although Sets™ provides quality hearing protection, hearing damage may still occur if the conditions are unfavourable. If you cannot remove the earplug  from your ears, or it has damaged the ear, please seek medical attention.



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